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5 Diabetic Dessert Recipes to Enjoy

7 min read

2021 Nov 18

Quite often, there are misconceptions that people with diabetes can not eat any desserts, at all. However, given the right ingredients, they can easily enjoy sweet delicacies safely.  Klinio has found the middle ground between the tasty and healthy by...

Diabetic Headaches – Medical facts and simple solutions

10 min read

2021 Nov 12

Diabetes is a health condition that afflicts one tenth of the population of the United States, or approximately 34.2 Million people, according to the CDC. In fact the CDC estimates that one in five people with diabetes, are not aware...

Secrets To Enjoy Life With Healthy Diabetic Desserts

8 min read

2021 Nov 05

That sweet delectable treat at the end of your meal! Desserts are those little pleasures that brighten your day, but as a diabetic you may feel like a child being penalized, having to miss out on dessert. With a few...

What makes a good breakfast for diabetics?

10 min read

2021 Oct 18

You’ve probably heard about the widely held belief that you ought to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. This is true! More so for diabetics who require a regular (and not too...

The Basic 7 Vitamins and Minerals for Diabetes

11 min read

2021 Oct 08

Diabetes is widely considered an inflammatory disease, and it affects your overall health, including your sleep and weight. To reduce its effects, you can use different minerals and vitamins. Many studies and researches show that certain vitamins and mineral supplements...

The Best and Worst Supplements for a Diabetic Diet

11 min read

2021 Oct 05

Insulin resistance is a cause of Type-2 diabetes. It is the condition where the body doesn’t respond well to regulate glucose levels in the blood. The dis-balance can be regulated with different treatments and by taking medication.  Well, people with...

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Diabetes

10 min read

2021 Sep 29

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin for diabetes patients as it promotes healthy blood cells and nervous system. According to a study, almost 22% of people with diabetes were low in B-12, suggesting that metformin is the reason.  Diabetic patients...

7 Immune-Boosting foods for people with Diabetes

10 min read

2021 Sep 22

People with diabetes are prone to a reduced immune function due to varied reasons. They have high blood sugar levels that impair the proper activity of the immune system. Condition like this impacts the nerves by damaging them, and a...

Good Fast Food for Diabetics – Is there such a thing?

10 min read

2021 Sep 16

We’re here to tell you that fast food for diabetics can actually be good! We all know that ‘Fast food’ is generally known to be high in fat content, high in sodium, high in sugar, is deep fried, or devoid...