How To Boost Your Motivation?

Kasparas Aleknavicius

2020 Jul 10

3 min read

Ahh, motivation. We’ve all stumbled at some point in our lives where we catch ourselves procrastinating and postponing important things aside. Usually it happens when we start something new, in other words, get out of our comfort zone. Nobody likes to be distracted and thrown into a new lifestyle pattern.

Eating healthy is not always easy. Working out is not always easy. Sticking to a new diet or eating regime is not always easy.

But no one said it’s impossible! These few simple steps will boost your motivation and increase your willpower!!

Define your driving force

This is the most important homework you have to do everyday! Think of the moment you thought to yourself “oaky, that’s enough, I will do something differently”. What ignited that spark? Was it the need to feel new, proud, healthy? Was it the urge to look better, feel better or both? Either way, keep that driving mechanism in your drawer of consciousness and don’t close it. Let it be the guide to your better self. Remembering why you’re making healthy choices can help you stay on course.

Make a plan and set clear goals

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Rushing into things never gives you good quality results. Before starting a new diet or if you’re trying to stick to it already and are afraid to lose the track of it – don’t rush. Write down your goals and divide them into smaller goals. That way, step by step, each time by “unlocking an achievement” you’ll progress with less stress. And it’s easier to be motivated to fulfill milestones.

Don’t overburn, keep it steady

We’ve seen examples of how people tend to overstress themselves. Because they want fast results. They want them now. And often it backfires them. But little do they understand, is that with process and long work the juicy fruits of success are ripe. Your progress or diet journey shouldn’t be affected or ruined by stress, in fact, it can even make you crave for sweet things and munchies. To knock down that feeling of anxiety, keep yourself busy or keep yourself at ease – do outdoors activities, enjoy small victories.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Who said that you have to experience it all alone? If you’re a company’s person, try to find a community with similar interests. Try to challenge your friends to join you while you’re reaching your goals. Hanging out with people who have the same health interest puts a huge influence on our daily life decisions (insane to think about it, right?). Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe!

And last but not least, just be you. See what methods suit you better. Maybe putting postnotes on your fridge, maybe tracking down your progress and checkmarking every reached achievement? Find your way and enjoy the process of pursuing your dreams!

Written by

Kasparas Aleknavicius

Kasparas is one of our freshest doctor’s in the Klinio family. With his master’s in medicine and broad-spectrum health experience, he is helping our customers better understand diabetes management. Kasparas is also participating in every product project - from our blog and hub articles to diabetes management subtleties. As a healthcare futurist, he constantly looks for innovative ways to control blood glucose and ensure the most efficient diabetes management.

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