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Exercise and Diabetes: How Physical Activity Manages Diabetes

9 min read

2021 Dec 07

Diabetes is a common problem in both youths and adults. In the United States alone, the annual stats on how many people have the disease continues to surge sporadically. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2020 by CDC, about...

Sick Day Rules for Diabetes: Managing Diabetes When Sick

7 min read

2021 Dec 07

Managing diabetes when ill is a serious concern among people with diabetes. Unlike other persons that could fall sick and focus on medications that help them get better, people with diabetes have to consider their underlying condition when treating an...

Diabetic Headaches – Medical facts and simple solutions

10 min read

2021 Nov 12

Diabetes is a health condition that afflicts one tenth of the population of the United States, or approximately 34.2 Million people, according to the CDC. In fact the CDC estimates that one in five people with diabetes, are not aware...

What is Glycemic Index?

2 min read

2021 Jun 11

Glycemic index, or GI, measures how carbohydrate-containing food raises your blood glucose levels. The smaller the GI (glycemic index), the less impact certain foods have on your blood sugar levels.  Here’s a quick guide of low and high GI foods:...

The Importance of Food Variety

1 min read

2021 May 28

The more colors you have on your plate, the more nutrients you are consuming. Having a variety of colors and foods on your plate ensures you’re eating balanced meals with a high nutrient density – and not just empty calories....

Healthy Carbs

1 min read

2021 May 20

All carbs affect blood glucose levels, but certain carbs hit you harder than others. Choose your carbs carefully! Stick to healthier foods containing carbs and be very wary of your portion size. What are healthy carbs? Next time you’re at...

14 Most Common Cooking Mistakes

5 min read

2021 May 17

All of us would like to cook as good as professional chefs do. But only practise makes perfect. You can start your road to better skills by simply learning about the top cooking mistakes that most of us sometimes do....

What You Need To Know About Diabetes and ICD-10

6 min read

2021 May 05

Written by Grant West, PhD on February 9, 2020. When most people think of diabetes, they think that there are two types and that’s all that you need to know. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to ICD...

Diabetes Mellitus: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

7 min read

2021 Apr 15

If you’re familiar with diabetes mellitus, or simply diabetes, you may be aware of the two common forms, type 1 and type 2. However, did you know that there are other types out there? These include gestational diabetes and a...